Hunt Africa has its origins as a hunting company, which was established in 1990. Today “Hunt Africa” is an unfortunate name for a company devoted to the breeding and conservation of these remarkable animals. However, as we have a 16-year reputation it would not be prudent to change it.

In 1994 the company was formalised in South Africa and in 1998 Hunt Africa produced the first ever disease free buffalo from disease infected parent stock. The approach was based on the research conducted by the late Dr Conde, of the Rhodesian National Parks. At the time many regarded the Hunt Africa project to be a senseless waste of both time and money and considered it a pursuit of the impossible. However, in 1999, Hunt Africa made history when 22 disease-free buffalo from Kruger origin were delivered to Elandsberg Farms in the Western Cape. The late Dale Parker and Mike Gregor supported a project, which was until that point, an impractical theory. Their belief in the system and principles followed at Hunt Africa allowed an idea to become reality. That reality was the basis on which all future disease free projects would be based.

In 2009, Hunt Africa acquired a buffalo-breeding farm in Heidelberg in the Western Cape. Initially it was the destination for every Hunt Africa buffalo born in Phalaborwa and we have since repurchased over 40 adults that were originally bred at Hunt Africa. This has given us the unique opportunity to be able to look back three generations and to intimately track the performance of all our offspring.


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